Friday, January 4, 2013


RSV - three little letters that when put together cause fear for any micro preemie parent post NICU discharge.  Last RSV season, we were diligent in our efforts to protect Veronica from the potentially fatal virus.  We kept her home as much as possible.  No Mass on Sundays, no outings to the mall, we skipped our annual Christmas photo and she and I even missed a family gathering for our nephew's confirmation.  We were so diligent about hand washing, not only for ourselves but for any others who entered our home.  And the monthly, rather painful, synagis shots were an added level of security.  Not to mention the fact that she was still primarily breastfed during those months, something I know played an important factor in keeping her relatively healthy.

This year has been different.  Because of Veronica's health, she didn't qualify for a second season of  synagis shots.  Our hand washing is nowhere near what it was like last year.  And these days we try to get out as much as possible - Costco trips, Mass on Sundays, frequent playdates.  Now we have paid the price.  Last evening, after a swab to test for RSV and a chest x-ray, Veronica was diagnosed with RSV pneumonia.  We are fortunate to have avoided a hospital visit and I am hopeful the worst is behind us at this point.  But my heart dropped when the nurse told me the RSV test was positive.  I think we may have taken her health for granted, and for that I do feel terribly guilty.  We'll go back to the doctor today for a follow visit and continue with round the clock nebulizer treatments and ibuprofen.  Please say some prayers that our little girl gets well soon.