Saturday, May 21, 2011


Thanks to all who have posted comments on the blog.  All positive comments are welcome and I’m sure Veronica will be thrilled to read them when she is old enough.  All of the emails and Facebook messages are appreciated as well but Veronica won't necessarily get to read those J.

A few people have indicated that they have had trouble posting comments so I thought I would try to provide some guidance.  In order to post a comment, you must scroll down to the bottom of a post where it says “comments”.  When you click on “comments”, there will be a box displayed which will allow you to post a comment.  In order to actually post it, you will need to create a google account which only takes a few minutes.  You can do this by selecting “google account” in the box entitled “comment as” and following the prompts.  Once you create the google account, it will be simple to add comments when you return to the blog.

If anyone knows of an easier way, feel free to “comment”.  Thanks! 

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