Preemie Info

Some of my favorite sources of information on prematurity are as follows:

A Child in Time: New Frontiers in Treating Premature Babies

Peek-a-boo ICU has a good article regarding the statistics of premature births and also mentions Veronica's Journey here.

Graham's Foundation is an organization specifically focused on supporting parents of extremely premature babies/micro preemies.  When Veronica was in the NICU, they sent us a care package which included preemie info, a disposable camera, a blanket, hand sanitizer and lotion.  Veronica's Journey is also mentioned on their website.

My favorite sources of information on preemie issues are the other parents I have "met" via Facebook and a  micro preemie Yahoo group..  If you notice on the right hand side of my blog, some of their blogs are listed.  Each one contains a wealth of information.