Friday, May 20, 2011

Bubble CPAP!

Veronica transitioned to bubble CPAP at noon today which essentially means she is breathing on her own!  With the bubble CPAP, she receives supplemental oxygen and additional pressure (PEEP) to help keep her lungs inflated when she exhales.  Because of her prematurity, her lungs are poorly developed which means they would essentially deflate with every breath if she did not have that additional pressure.  But the actual breathing she must do all by herself.  And she is doing it!!  This is another step in the right direction.  They will do a blood gas later this afternoon to check her carbon dioxide level to make sure the is eliminating the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide.  They will also get a chest x-ray to take a look at her lungs. 

Here are some photos of bubble CPAP.  It makes a lovely bubbling sound which was music to my ears. 

And here is Veronica, enjoying her bubble CPAP...

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