Friday, April 29, 2011

She Opened Her Eyes!!

I know the opening of the eyes is generally not considered a developmental milestone for infants, or a moment that is ever celebrated by parents.  But for Veronica, whose eyes had been fused shut up until today, it was a moment to celebrate.  What a wonderful thing it was to see her with her eyes open.  Our beautiful baby girl!  We’ll try to get a picture up soon. 

Veronica had a good day today.  She remains intubated but the settings on the ventilator are very low, meaning she doesn’t require as much breathing assistance as those with higher settings.  As much as I did not want her back on the ventilator, she did seem more comfortable which of course provided some relief to me and Andrew. 

Early this morning, the doctor completed the lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and collected the necessary spinal fluid.  The results will come back in a day or two but the doctor said the fluid was clear, meaning it’s unlikely that there is any infection.  Another positive sign!!

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  1. she was probably trying to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding on the tv!

    i'm so glad she's progressing nicely. your entries are great - they remind me of when my girl was in the NICU. keep up your positive attitude and good work!