Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ups and downs

Veronica had a difficult morning and it was painful for me to see, although the doctors assured me that her behaviors were typical for her young age. 

When I arrived, the nurse told me that Veronica had been having frequent "episodes" when her heart rate would drop significantly.  At the request of the doctors, she drew a blood gas and whatever the results were prompted the doctors to immediately meet to discuss Veronica's status (rounds).  During rounds, I stayed by Veronica's isolette, and whenever her heart rate would drop, the machine started beeping.  A nurse would then come and tap Veronica or reposition her to get her heart rate back up.  This happened several times within a short period of time.  Finally, the nurse requested the doctor.  So rounds were interrupted - and the attending physician, the fellow, several residents and two additional nurses came to the isolette.  This was difficult to see - so many people huddled around my tiny baby girl.  I tried not to cry but the tears were inevitable.  The attending physician told me not to worry.  He assured me that Veronica was still in a better place than most 24 weekers.  I knew he was right but its still so hard to see.  He discussed the likelihood that she would need to be re-intubated and put back on the ventilator.  We knew this was a possibility all along.  Most babies her age are on a ventilator for days, if not weeks.  We have been thankful that she was only on the ventilator for one day.  The doctor also pointed out that most significant problems occur during the first week of life - and we are on day 9.  Again I was reminded that there will continue to be good days as well as bad ones. 

Shortly after that Veronica received a platelet transfusion which she seemed to help significantly.  And as I write this update, she still has not been intubated which we are happy about.

She also had an ultrasound of her brain to rule out any bleeding on the brain, something all preemies, particularly micro preemies, are at risk for.  We should get the results tomorrow. 

Stay tuned....

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  1. Marcie, the hospital sounds wonderful. In spite of everything, it must be comforting to know Veronica is receiving the best of care.

    See you soon.