Thursday, November 24, 2011


What a year it has been.  Last Thanksgiving, we found out we were expecting our 6th child.  Little did we know that Veronica would be born less than five months later.  The weeks and months that followed were some of the most challenging of our lives.  We never imagined that come Thanksgiving, we would feel so incredibly grateful for all that happened this past year. 

During Veronica's NICU journey, we were supported in so many ways - by friends, family and even acquaintances.  Prayers, meals, babysitting, quarters for parking, gift cards, gas money, etc.  We were humbled by the outpouring of support and we will always be thankful. 

The doctors and nurses that cared for Veronica will always have a special place in our hearts.  I know I have said this before, but they were simply amazing and we are eternally grateful for all that they did for Veronica.  To put your trust in people who are caring for your child 24 hours a day and essentially keeping her alive is not an easy thing.  But it quickly became clear to us that Veronica was receiving the highest level of care.  Knowing that made our NICU experience, and our lives, so much easier. 

Veronica's NICU journey could have been so much more challenging and we feel so incredibly blessed that she has fared as well as she has. Every day I look at her in wonder, amazed at how far she has come and that 7 months after her birth, there are virtually no signs of her extrememe prematurity.

Thanks to all who continue to visit Veronica's Journey and for keeping her in your prayers.  We are grateful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Baby Veronica!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Aments!


  1. You truly ARE blessed! Veronica is beautiful and so amazingly healthy. Ironically, we found out TWO Thanksgivings ago that we were pregnant with our son, Samuel. It's a good month apparently! Happy 1st Thanksgiving Veronica!

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Your family is adorable! How do you do it with six? Did any of them ever have a hard time adjusting to their younger sibling?