Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catching Up, New Crib and First Food

Veronica's occupational therapist made her monthly visit last week and while impressed with her progress, she noted that Veronica is "delayed", not just for her actual age which we would expect, but for her adjusted age as well.  I think I already knew this given the fact that she still isn't really rolling over, but I don't think anyone likes to hear that their child is delayed in any way.  For a moment, I felt disappointed but then  reminded myself at just how far she has come.  If on her first day of life, someone would have told me that Veronica's biggest concern 9 months later would be a delay in her motor skills, I would have been thrilled.  It really does seem to be a small price to pay for all that she went through.  So for now, and the foreseeable future, we will work on helping Veronica "catch up" with her peers.  We'll be increasing the frequency of the OT visits from once a month to probably twice a month.  The OT seems to think that she has the potential to catch up by the time she is 2-years-old, or even sooner.  I guess only time will tell....

In other news, we finally moved Veronica out of her bassinet (and our room) into her own crib.  I was hoping this would get her sleeping through the night but, oh well....maybe soon.  She does look awfully cute though, doesn't she?

We also started Veronica on solids yesterday.  For anyone interested, feel free to take a look:

I'll admit I was a little nervous about this since micro-preemies can be prone to feeding issues and oral aversions. She took several bites and seemed content but then started to cry after a few minutes.  Today, she did the same thing but hopefully this won't be a pattern.  We're fortunate, though, that she is still doing great in the weight department which I think gives us a little leeway with solids.

This week Veronica will go in for her fourth synagis shot (out of five) which means we are getting closer to the end of RSV season.  Hooray! 



  1. Im right there with you! Ours are delayed as well for their adjusted age, and even though Ive known this, I hate hearing it!!! It gets to me each time. I have to remind myself how far they have come. We only have one roller, and so nervous about solids! Good luck!

  2. She certainly has come a long way! She's doing great! :)

  3. my preemie didn't sleep through the night until she was a year old! baby V is doing perfectly. and they do say that 2 years is the time when they "catch up" to peers.

  4. How cute is she with her little hairbow, and what a big girl sleeping in her crib!! When I would get so frustrated about all the other babies coming after and leaving before Cohen in the NICU one of the Drs reminded me to think about where he was a week ago or a month ago. They have done so much already, they will do the rest in their own time :) She has already come so far!! Your RSV season must end before ours, Cohen has 2 more shots. We can't wait until the end!!

  5. I started Emilia on solids today... well, not really solid because it was very very liquidy rice mixed with breastmilk. Don't feel discouraged by the word "delayed". Our babies have come a long way.