Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Minutes

Today the doctors decided that it was time to start trialing Veronica off of bubble CPAP.  This was somewhat of a surprise since she has still been having events and she isn't down to the lowest CPAP setting yet (PEEP 5).  But at the GW NICU, the doctors like to push the babies to make progress, something for which we are grateful.  I think if Veronica had been at another NICU, she would have remained on the ventilator longer than she did.  So they tried her off CPAP and she lasted a whole 3 minutes before desatting and needing to be put back on.  We're not sure when they will try again, probably in a few days.  But 3 minutes is 3 minutes and a whole lot better than 1 minute. 

The temperature in Veronica's isolette is now close to room temperature.  So now she is able to be swaddled which is nice to see. 

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