Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go, Veronica, Go!

Today was a big day for Veronica as she graduated to an open crib. This was wonderful for us to see especially since her progress of weaning off CPAP to room air has been slower than we had hoped. They have now stopped trialing her off of CPAP because she continues to have regular desats. Once she is more stable, they will try again, which hopefully will be soon.  This was disappointing to hear but we were assured that this is a normal part of preemiehood. One of the doctors also mentioned BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia) which is often diagnosed in extremely premature infants and leads to chronic lung disease. Apparently one of the criteria is continuing to need supplemental oxygen after 32 weeks gestational age. Veronica is 35 weeks tomorrow and for the most part is breathing room air but still occasionally has her moments when she requires additional oxygen. So it seems she has a mild case of BPD which of course could be a lot worse but obviously not something we are happy about.  But we are thrilled that she is out of the isolette and continuing to grow.  Go, Veronica, go!!

Here are some of the last photos of Veronica in the isolette (notice my shirt - thanks Lori!):

And here she is in her new crib:


  1. I love the T-shirts... How do we get one?

  2. what a leap! congrats to little veronica!