Wednesday, July 27, 2011

100 Days

Veronica has been alive and in the NICU for 100 days.  In celebration, Liesl made a special sign to hang by her crib side:

"Your birth is old news, now lets get that CPAP off for good."
On her 100th day of life, Veronica had a visit from the occupational therapist.  The OT's initial impression was that everything looked good but she will conduct a more thorough assessment over the next few days.  She also received another eye exam, the fourth of probably a long line of eye exams.  At her last exam, Veronica was diagnosed with Stage 1 ROP (retinopathy of prematurity).  ROP is a condition that is fairly common among micro preemies.  As with most other complications associated with prematurity, those babies born earlier and who have a very low birth weight are at greatest risk.  The most severe cases of ROP require surgery and can often lead to blindness.  Today, Veronica was diagnosed with Stage 2 ROP which is still on the mild side and as we understand it, can still resolve itself without further intervention.  For now it means that she will need another follow up exam in the NICU in two weeks.  Hopefully the ROP will not progress.  Please say some prayers!

On the home front, we have had some challenges over the past week and half.  Andrew threw his back out last week and is still suffering as a result  Yesterday, Josephine had a febrile seizure and continues to have a fever.  Today, Sebastian woke up vomiting.  And for the first time in 100 days,  I did not visit Veronica.  I had a low grade fever which prevented me from entering the NICU.  It may be another 48 hours before I can return which breaks my heart. 

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