Thursday, July 14, 2011


Veronica made significant progress today. In terms of her breathing, she was able to trial off CPAP for 6 hours. This was wonderful news and we were so proud of our baby girl. Once the CPAP was put back on, her nurse offered her a bottle and she finished the entire bottle (40 ml) in 15 minutes. With her previous bottles she only consumed about 15 ml and the remaining milk was given to her through her feeding tube. The doctors also said that she can be given an additional bottle on each shift if she continues to tolerate the feedings well. We were also able to try breastfeeding today and Veronica did amazingly well. I'm not sure how much milk she actually got but it was a great start. It will probably be weeks before she is able to nurse exclusively but it is definitely something we want to work towards.

So we are moving in the right direction and it feels like we are finally starting to pick up the pace a little bit. Go, Veronica, go!

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