Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Veronica is holding steady on CPAP.  She will be 36 weeks in two days and we were really hoping and expecting that she would have been off of it by now, or at least close to being off of it.  They are continuing to trial her off every day but she is still only lasting about 15 minutes before she starts to desat.  We are not discouraged by this, just a little anxious to get things moving towards discharge day, which we are still hoping will be by her due date (August 4).

Veronica still has not tried a bottle yet as they are still hoping to get her off of CPAP.  As far as I'm concerned there is no rush to bottle feed.  I am secretly hoping they will just wait until she gets to the point when we could give nursing a try.  After five breastfed babies, it feels so wrong to offer a bottle first.      

Two days ago Veronica had a blood transfusion because she was anemic, a common occurrence for micro preemies.  We were not necessarily surprised that she needed the transfusion, just a little disappointed.  I can never get used to the idea of  Veronica being poked and prodded.  But the good thing is that it's over now and the transfusion helped her saturation level (i.e. fewer desats).  Hopefully that will be the last transfusion she needs for the rest of her life. 

Some recent pictures:

Sebastian visits Veronica in her new crib.

Grandpa Williams


  1. I love this picture with big brother Sebastian. He looks so sweet next to his sister! She is never going to be able to get a date in high school with him around ;-)

  2. even with all of that stuff on her face i can see how much she looks like her brothers and sisters! what a cutie :)