Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Months

Happy 5 months Veronica! (Two days late, but what can I say, I have six kids and just couldn't get around to posting.) All continues to be well with Veronica.  She is doing everything she is supposed to be doing to grow and thrive. I finally got a picture of her smiling.  Isn't she amazing?  I admit I'm not the best photographer, but I think this turned out alright considering I was trying to take her picture and make her smile at the same time - not an easy task with any child. 

Today Sebastian, my 4-year-old, asked me if he could watch some of the video from the time when he was a baby.  So then it dawned on me, I have very little video clips of Veronica.  And the ones I do have are from the NICU.  Those of you with multiple children will understand.  The more kids you have, the fewer photos and video images you have of each subsequent child after your firstborn.  So I am now determined to take more videos of Veronica no matter how uneventful what she is doing may seem to be.  Here is the first one from today.  Beware, if you are not a close relative, or even if you are, you will probably find this video quite boring.  But at least she is darn cute.



  1. She IS amazing and I love that pic of her!

  2. i like how she's just chillin on the dining room table. :) adorable.