Thursday, May 12, 2011

28 Weeks

Veronica is 28 weeks today – gestational age anyway.  This was a date we were trying to get to as babies born at 28 weeks or later have significantly fewer problems than those born earlier.  Obviously, that didn’t happen but we are so fortunate in that Veronica is doing relatively well for her young age.

She has been off the ventilator now for just over 24 hours and she is hanging in there.  Her blood gases have shown that her carbon dioxide level has risen but not to the point that they are overly concerned (yet).  Her oxygen requirement has increased significantly though and is currently at 55%.  While she was on the ventilator, the levels were generally in the 30’s.  Room air has a 21% oxygen level which is the ideal.  Providing additional oxygen to preemies, while needed, can cause severe eye damage.  If Veronica gets up to 60%, they will likely consider reintubating her.  The nurses are great at watching the levels – they try to wean her but will certainly give her what she needs to be comfortable.

Her weight is currently 880 grams or 1 lb, 15 oz…..2 lbs, here we come!!!     

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