Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 - Part 2

Veronica is holding her own on CPAP.  When she was on CPAP last time, it was only for 16 hours.  So we’re hoping, and confident, that it will be longer this time…..and maybe, she might even stay off the ventilator for good.  If she does well on CPAP, they would eventually transition her to what they call bubble CPAP, which is less invasive and not mechanical – which would allow for her lung tissue to grown.  It was good to see her on CPAP, but I missed seeing her face….  

In case anyone is wondering, CPAP is delivered through the nose.  The wrap around her head is used to keep her mouth closed so that the air that is going into her nose, doesn't come right out through her mouth.  She also has a pacifier in her mouth which has the same purpose. 

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  1. horray! off the vent! keep it up veronica, baby steps.