Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No News is Good News

If it starts to seem as though I am not posting as much, its because there aren't too many changes from day to day.  This is a good thing.  Veronica is growing and getting a little stronger everyday. 

Andrew and I had a wonderful visit with Veronica this evening.  On most days, we visit the NICU separately.  That way, our five other children have one of us at home with them, and Veronica has more time with at least one parent by her side.  But Tuesday nights are the night we visit together.  Tonight I was able to hold Veronica while she was off of CPAP.  There were no prongs in her nose and no hat on her head.  It was fabulous!!  She did quite well and I was able to hold her that way for about 25 minutes.  I held a "blow by" tube close to her face so that she was able to breath in oxygen that was blowing from the tube. I'm hopeful that the fact she did so well means that in a few weeks she will start to transition off of CPAP to room air.  What a wonderful day that will be....


  1. what a wonderful moment for you three!!! she is getting cuter every day :)

  2. She looks so comfortable in her kangaroo hold.