Thursday, May 5, 2011


According to the Oxford Dictionary online, the definition of feisty is as follows:  lively, determined, and courageous.  Several of Veronica's nurses have described her as being feisty, a description that is generally not used to describe micro preemies but one that I welcome.  The NICU nurse who was there at the delivery said they were surprised that she came out pink and that she was crying, again not common for a micro preemies.  She started off stronger than most and her resiliency continues to amaze me. 

Veronica had a good day today which is always a relief.  She remains on the ventilator but her settings are still low and they are looking to wean her off.  She had no transfusions, a nice break, and her breast milk feedings are up to 6 cc's every three hours.

Here is a picture from today - Veronica at 27 weeks gestation, 17 days of life.


  1. is that your gloved hand? she's SO TINY!!! glad she's doing well.

  2. Hi Marcie- Please know you are on my mind and in my thoughts so many times through out the day. I truly look forward to reading this blog daily! Your little Veronica is one trooper- not to mention beautiful! I wish you both all the continued strength and support your doing an outstanding job, I know it. Here's to every day!!Keep up the writing!