Saturday, May 14, 2011

No More PICC Line!

Veronica’s PICC line was removed today!  The PICC line has been in her arm since shortly after her birth, providing nutrition and antibiotics as needed.  She finished her last course of antibiotics today and she no longer needs it for nutrition since she is getting full feeds of breast milk.  This was not a decision the doctors made lightly because having the PICC line in means there is easy access should emergent medication or fluid be needed.  But because she is doing so well, they decided it was time to take it out.  This is significant progress.  Having a PICC line in increases the risk of infection, not to mention the fact that it's uncomfortable having the line in day in and day out.  

Watching the doctor remove the line was an interesting emotional experience.  There was so much tape on Veronica’s arm; it took several minutes for the doctor remove it.  Clearly this was painful for Veronica.   She cried, clenched her fist and kicked her legs.  While it broke my heart to see her in pain, I couldn’t help be proud of her feistiness.  And hearing her cry is amazing in so many ways.  Minutes after the line was removed, Veronica fell back to sleep – with both arms now free of any IV’s or lines.  What a beautiful sight to see.  I left the NICU with tears in my eyes, but this time the tears were happy ones.    


  1. PICC line helps treat infection
    PICC line causes infection.
    Better outt than in, it seems.

  2. Marcie- you are right: that is Huge transition!

  3. I took a picture of Ny's PICC line when it came out. That was our first huge victory in the NICU. Here's to more happy days for your family.