Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holding Veronica - Day 2

I held Veronica again today for about 30 minutes.  She did great.  I wasn’t able to hold her yesterday because her temperature was a little low.  It was nothing to be concerned about, but because of her inability to regulate her temperature, it was best that she remain in the isolette. 

Veronica continues to do well overall.  When we look back on the first few days and weeks even, we are amazed at how far she has come.  She used to have transfusions every day or every other day.  Now she has none.  She used to be on multiple antibiotics.  Now she is on none.  Initially she was fed intravenously with a solution of nutrients.  Now she is on full feeds of breast milk.  At one point she was getting blood work done every morning.  Now it is once a week.  Blood gases were taken every few hours.  Now they are only taken as needed.  She was intubated and extubated several times.  But now she seems remarkably stable on the bubble CPAP – breathing on her own, with support, but only requiring 21 – 23% oxygen (21% is room air). 

As much as we would prefer not to be in this position, we’re thrilled with her progress and so very grateful for how far she has come.    

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  1. yay! i just checked in with the blog and was so excited to see all the wonderful progress! i am SO happy to hear she is on full feeds of b.milk and most exciting is that you got to hold her! congrats and keep up the good work veronica! p.s. i am posting on here so you get to read this one day, veronica! i am happy to be your neighbor!