Friday, August 5, 2011

1 Day Old

Today is the first day we started calculating Veronica's adjusted age as opposed to her gestational age. So although she is actually 3 1/2 months old, she is considered to be 1 day old adjusted or corrected So in terms of developmental milestones, her adjusted age is used as opposed to her actual age for obvious reasons.

In terms of development, Veronica will have a developmental evaluation at Children's Hospital at some point after discharge to track her progress. I imagine there will be additional appointments as needed for follow up. We have also referred her to the program in our county which provides early intervention services. Because of her low birth weight, she automatically qualifies for services due to the "high probability for developmental delay". The wonderful thing about this program is that it is home based and completely free. They will come to our home in a few weeks to conduct the initial assessment.

Veronica has been doing well after her brief return to CPAP. She has been off since 9:00am yesterday and has been doing fine. The attending physician indicated that he likes to keep babies for observation for at least 48 hours after "events" such as the one Veronica had. So we are back to watching, waiting and wondering when she will come home. But we know we are close and we take great comfort in knowing that. They have already scheduled an opthamology appointment at Children's Hospital on Thursday which means they are thinking she will be home by then. Let's hope so....

Keep the prayers coming! Thank you!

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