Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In case you haven't heard or figured it out, Veronica is still in the NICU. And the reality is that she could still be there for several more days or even weeks. I'm not entirely sure how we went from the plan being she could leave yesterday to not knowing when she can leave. There has been no change in her behaviors. The issue that remains is that she has "events" with her feedings. But this has always been the case so I don't know why they ever told us she was ready for discharge to begin with. So at this point, I am feeling a little frustrated and even discouraged. On top of that, I started my maternity leave last week because I thought she was coming home. So now I will have less time with her when she actually comes home. I have thought about going back to work, but I keep hoping with each day that we will be given the green light to take her home. Some people have said that this part of the journey is just as hard as the beginning. I wouldn't necessarily agree - those first few weeks were almost unbearable. But to be where we are now is certainly challenging. When she was so tiny and in the isolette, it was easy to see why she couldn't come home. But now when you look at her, you would never know all that she has been through. She is big, beautiful and looks so ready to come home. The waiting is hard on all of us. Even the kids are anxious to have her home. Andrew returns to work in a week and a half....please say some prayers that she will be home with us well before then.

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  1. Keep your head up Marcie!! I can only imagine how hard it must be during these last few days anticipating her arrival. Hopefully her events will work themselves out quickly. I am praying she comes home to you soon and am thinking of you all!