Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Weeks

Two weeks have passed since Veronica came home but it still feels so new and exciting.  It seems like every day is a day to celebrate.  We are loving our time with her and are so thankful to have her home.  She is conitnuing to do well and we were happy to learn today that she is now a hefty 8 lbs. Whohoo!! I must admit I was a little worried about her weight gain because she hasn't been eating nearly as much as she did when she was in the NICU. Somehow those fabulous NICU nurses were able to get her to drink 3 or 4 oz;  for us, she seems only interested in 2 or 3 oz.  She is breastfeeding as well which is great, but of course we have no way of knowing how much she is getting during her feeds.  But today's doctor's visit put me at ease and I was thrilled to know that she is doing all that she needs to do in the growth department.  We'll return for another weight check in two weeks. 

Here are some more pictures:

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