Monday, August 22, 2011

Beyond the NICU

Veronica has been home with us for a week and all is well.  She is behaving like a typical newborn and I sometimes find myself forgetting that she is 4 months old.  But the NICU experience is never far from our minds.  I wonder when the day will come, if ever, that we won't think about all she went through in those 119 days.  When I look at her, I am still amazed at how far she has come and still so grateful for all the care she received from the staff in the GW NICU.  I really can't say that enough.....what a difference they made in our lives.

Some have asked if Veronica was discharged with any special instructions.  We are fortunate that the only medication she was discharged on was Zantac for reflux, a condition which is extremely common for preemies.  She started taking the Zantac a few days before she was discharged and we did notice a decrease in her "events" during her feeds; so it does appear to be working.  She is also taking an over the counter multi vitamin to prevent anemia.  But she has no monitors and no supplemental oxygen which I am amazed about.
Tomorrow she has a follow up appointment for her eyes at Children's National Medical Center in DC.  We are hoping to hear that her ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) is continuing to regress.  I imagine whatever the news is, she will still have a few more eye exams over the next year or so.  

Here are a few pictures from Veronica's first week at home:  

Sebastian and Veronica

Janet and Veronica

Grandpa and Veronica

First bath at home.

Liesl and Veronica.

At her first outing to the playground.

All six at the playground.


  1. You waited so long to be able to take these photos. Love to you both—love to all eight of you.

  2. I love seeing the picture of all your kids together, and I'm so happy for you that you are all home together. We are a year out from our NICU release, and I still think about it often. Every new milestone is so amazing when you think about the first time you saw your 1 pound baby looking so helpless and fragile. For me, I still remember, but it creates an awe in me at how far they have come rather than a negative feeling about being in the NICU. Veronica is so precious!

  3. How absolutely adorable is she!!! And the family photos are amazing, I hope we run into you at a park soon! :)) love to you all...