Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NICU Journey by the Numbers

Number of days in the NICU: 119
Number of blood transfusions: 17
Number of attempted spinal taps: 3
Number of head ultrasounds: 3
Number of eye exams: 4
Number of days on the ventilator: 12
Number of NICU meltdowns: 6
Number of trips to and from the NICU: 300 plus
Number of parking tickets: 7
Number of parking tickets contested: 3
Number of $ per day to remain in NICU: 1,025
Number of phenomenal nurses: 30 plus
Number of times we were told that V was coming home and didn't: 3
Number of pounds at birth: 1 lb, 4 oz
Number of pounds at discharge: 7 lbs, 3 oz


  1. Yay! Congratulations on her homecoming! That is pretty amazing that she was on the ventilator for just 12 days. Our twins were on the vent for 5 weeks. I laughed (in an understanding way) about the NICU meltdowns. I'm sure I had more of those too. Sometimes it was just too much to deal with. Congrats again. I am sooooo happy for you all.

  2. Thank you, Michelle. And thank you for following the blog!

  3. I agree with Michelle, 12 days is amazing! My son was on the vent for 7 WEEKS!!! I laughed about the parking tickets...sounds like us. But really, who cares about parking when your baby is sick, right? So glad that you are home! I hope its going well!