Tuesday, August 2, 2011


August has finally arrived and we couldn't be more ready to have Veronica home with us. Yesterday during rounds the doctors ordered several things that need to happen prior to her discharge. The first was her car seat test which is basically a test to see if babies have any events while seated in their car seat. Veronica passed with flying colors. The next was a sleep study to assess whether or not Veronica has any episodes of apnea while she sleeps. She had the study today and we should get the results in a day or two. She also needs the newborn hearing screening which every baby must have prior to leaving the hospital. She will be getting that tonight. Finally, she needs an MRI of her brain to see if everything is clear. Hopefully, the MRI will be completed tomorrow. If all goes as planned, we have been told that Veronica could be discharged as early as Friday....Friday, as in three days from now!! Can you believe it? Veronica will be home soon!! We are thrilled!! Hooray!! Go, Veronica, go!!



  1. NO WAY! this is the best news ever! i'm crossing my fingers for you guys. i UNDERSTAND this feeling... don't explode!!!

  2. Amazing! Fingers crossed for a happy happy weekend for you!