Thursday, August 11, 2011


If you read my post from yesterday, I am sure you picked up on my frustration at the fact that Veronica is still in the NICU. It is true that we are tired of not having our daughter home with us and are anxiously awaiting her discharge. But it is also true that we are incredibly grateful for the care she has received while she has been at GW. I cannot imagine a better group of doctors and nurses. They have been nothing short of amazing. The attending neonatologists are brilliant as far as I am concerned. Had Veronica been in another NICU, I firmly believe she would not have done as well as she has. And the nurses have been phenomenal, always patient, kind and compassionate. We have gotten to know several of them quite well over the past four months and we'll miss seeing them everyday.

As we approach the end of our NICU journey, I wonder how we can really thank the NICU staff for all they have done. Saying 'thank you' to people who have helped keep your child alive just doesn't seem sufficient. And as much as I would like to forget this entire ordeal, I never want to forget all of the wonderful people who have cared for Veronica over these past months. We will forever be grateful.


  1. When my niece was in the NICU, we did a day of catered meals for the whole staff of the NICU. So we had coffee, bagels, cream cheese, and fruit delivered in the morning; 6 foot subs and sodas and cookies in the afternoon; and then had a restaurant deliver an Italian dinner with dessert.

  2. Another idea is to ask family and friends to make donations to the GW NICU in honor of its doctors, nurses, and staff.