Monday, August 8, 2011


Veronica is still in the NICU but maybe, just maybe she can home tomorrow. We won't know for sure until tomorrow which is soooooo hard, but not nearly as difficult as the 112 days we have already spent in this place. Not that we aren't so grateful for everything the nurses and doctors have done for Veronica, but enough is enough already.

So here is an update on where things stand as we prepare for discharge:
- Veronica passed her hearing exam which is one less thing to worry about.
- the results of the sleep study were positive which means it is unlikely that she will go home on an apnea monitor.
- the brain MRI has still not occurred. There was one attempt but the MRI folks ended up dealing with an emergency so it never happened. The docs have ordered it again for today and have informed the scheduler that Veronica is going home tomorrow which hopefully means they will make sure it gets done today.
- when Veronica takes her bottles, she occasionally has "events" but they are self resolved. Last night when i was giving her a bottle, she gagged, stopped breathing and her face changed color. But once she was stimulated a quick second or two later, she took a breath and all was fine. It's a little scary to be taking her home knowing that this could happen but we do feel prepared in case it does. The events never occur when Veronica is breastfed so we will hopefully be doing more nursing when she is home.
- the NICU folks have already connected with our pediatrician's office in Rockville and they will expect to see us the day after discharge.

So we will wait to hopefully hear some great news tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then maybe the next day or the one after that.

Stay tuned....

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